Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to Foothills Outdoors

Photo of Kevin Warren with results of his Troll Baby umbrella rig.
Photo: L. Ross
Welcome to Foothills Outdoors. This is our first post to the blog and we hope that we can become an interesting part of your life. Our goal is to inform, entertain and inspire you to get the most enjoyment from your outdoor opportunities.

We are fortunate in upstate South Carolina to have abundant lakes, some cold water streams and we are close enough to enjoy the western North Carolina cold water fishery.

In spite of the growth and development, we have good hunting for deer and some small game species. Our system of trails is excellent, with the Foothills Trail system close at hand. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is nearby and some of the waterfall trails offer exercise and great photo opportunities.

A very recent development in western North Carolina involved the saving of the North Mills River from development. The efforts of Trout Unlimited and concerned sportsmen from North Carolina and South Carolina made the purchase of property possible that will allow continued access to this wonderful delayed harvest stream.

We had a recent fishing trip with Kevin Warren, local Hartwell Lake angler and entrepreneur. We used his new, lightweight umbrella rig to take stripers, hybrids and largemouth during the heat of the day with Kevin's Troll Baby rigs and his "controlled depth trolling" technique. We had a great day on the water. If you are interested in seeing his product and information, it is available at

Mobility impaired hunters will have access to 50 prime deer hunting locations this fall. SCDNR and other organizations are offering two day hunts in five counties. Cherokee, Spartanburg and Union counties will have hunts on Oct. 22-23. Laurens and Newberry counties will have hunts on Oct. 29-30. Applicants may apply for one or both hunts. There are no application fees or charges for the hunts.

Each hunt will offer lunch on Friday, an evening hunt and a Saturday morning hunt. Each disabled hunter must be accompanied non-hunter to assist.

Call DNR at (803) 734-3886 or go online to for details and application forms.

Check back soon for more information and outdoor news. Until next time, get out and trim those shooting lanes, check the trail cameras and get ready to take that big buck.


  1. Hi, I am Kevin Warren the "troll baby" guy. Thanks for the mention Larry.
    The weather has been up and down lately and every time I have headed towards the dam (on Hartwell) I have had to run from the weather LOL!
    Anyway the stripers are down deep and concentrated in the lower lake. I have picked up a few small fish here and there but the Big Boys are real deep (40+). Things will really pickup soon as it cools down and the fish start back up the lake.
    If anyone has any questions about stripers on Hartwell or the Troll Baby please contact me through I am always glad to help others catch these guys, It is so fun!!!.

  2. Hello everyone, took the troll baby for a swim this afternoon down by the dam. I found some humps that I could not get past without a hook up!!They(the fish) are stacked up tight. caught 7 in 45 minutes by myself!!!(1 pole) most where big hybrids 4-9 lbs. they were mean and fought hard. This is easy this time of year ONCE you find them, It took me about an hour to find them, but once I did it was on. I like to focus on a school of fish once I find them. I will do tight turns and get right back on them thus I will keep the feeding thing going. you will be surprised how many you can take with the same trick time after time. I throw markers so I run the same route and I generally repeat on every pass. Once they quit I move on for a while then come back.
    If there is anyone that would like to learn more about the stripers on Hartwell contact me at and send me an e-mail.