Sunday, November 7, 2010

WNC Fly Fishing Expo

Saturday was a great day at the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Expo. We had a good time and saw some old friends. It was informative and good to see the latest new gear.
With the moving of the 2011 show from Charlotte to Raleigh, the WNC show will probably be even bigger next year.
There was a good crowd, but the tough economic times seemed to be affecting sales. There were a lot of lookers, but it appeared that sales were slow.
We talked with noted fly tyer Harrison Steeves, a Virginian, and were regaled with his funny stories. He is a "hoot" and very entertaining as well as being one of the leading fly tyers of terrestrial patterns.
Steeves has been a guide and biology professor, and is a writer and contract fly designer for Umpqua as serves on the pro staff for several companies. He ties at about five major fly fishing shows a year.
If you ever get a chance to see and talk with Steeves, don't miss a wonderful opportunity.

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