Sunday, January 16, 2011

Youth Day Success

Photo by: L. Ross

Rivers Cathey didn't take one of the big bucks above on youth day, but nevertheless, he had a great outing. Rivers is the son of Daniel Cathey, Anderson cattle farmer and part of the Skeeter Branch Shooting Preserve's duck hunting operation. It must be in the genes. Daniel is an excellent bowhunter and recently took a great Anderson buck that Phillip Gentry reported in the South Carolina Sportsman magazine.
Rivers was hunting on Youth Day, January 8, and it was a cold and windy day. The wind velocity became so great that he climbed down from the elevated stand to hunt from ground level beneath the stand. He was rewarded with a shot from 8 steps at a young buck. He was successful with his PSE 42 pound compound, shooting a two-bladed Muzzy Phantom broadhead. The shot was a complete "pass-through".
Rivers is not a stranger to the hunting scene. This season he took a doe and an 8-point buck with a rifle. His father, Daniel, was extremely excited about the bow kill. Congratulations to Rivers for what is likely the early stages of a life-long love of hunting. Once you take a deer with a bow, it becomes a preferred method of hunting.
Youth day allowed a two deer, any sex, limit and no tags were required. It applied to all private lands and some specified WMA's. This is an excellent way to recruit new hunters by setting aside special days to encourage them to participate.

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