Sunday, March 6, 2011

Outdoor Dreams Foundation "Shoot for Dreams"

Richard McConnell and first group of shooters Csonka chats with onlookers

B. C. McConnell recording scores Larry Csonka shoots, Richard McConnell operates trap

L. to R., Richard and, B. C. McConnell Larry Csonka in McConnell "Hall of Heads"

On Saturday, March 5, Larry Csonka joined the Outdoor Dreams Foundation for a fundraiser called "Shoot for Dreams". Outdoor Dreams sponsors trips and events for youth that have life-threatening or terminal illnesses.

The sky was dark and rain pelted the shooters throughout the day, but it didn't dampen the enthusiasm. Clay targets flew constantly and the air was filled with the sharp report of shotguns. The smell of gunpowder is a stimulant for sportsmen and it seemed to be working Saturday.

Larry Csonka is a friendly, down-to-earth guy and an enjoyable conversationalist. He shared some hunting and fishing stories and observations on the world of professional football, past and present.

Richard and B.C. McConnell were the ultimate hosts, as always, at McConnell Hall Outfitters. The "Hall of Heads" with its array of African big game and North American trophies is exotic and interesting. One young shooter on his first visit to McConnell Hall was so impressed that he said, "This is so cool. I could just live in here." I expect that some of the adults felt the same.

McConnell Hall has an expansive dining area, kitchen, and sleeping accommodations in addition to the office area and gun-room. It is situated on the family farm and has a special charm with horses, barns, sporting clays, century old trees around the home and sufficient fields for quail hunts and tower shoots for pheasants.

A good day was had by all and the proceeds will benefit the Outdoor Dreams Foundation in their efforts to make kids dreams come true.

We will amend this post later to add names of the winning shooters.

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  1. What a great event to be apart of despite the rainy weather. I have never met Larry Csonka but I remember him as a football player for the Miami Dolphins.