Saturday, April 2, 2011

Prmitive Craft and Survival Skills Instruction

Photos by L. Ross illustrating a few of the topics covered in upcoming training sessions in primitive crafts and survival skills.

Sessions will include primitive camping and "hands-on" instruction in flint knapping, bamboo arrow construction, fire starting with bow drill and flint/steel, making cordage from natural fibers and much more. Learn to identify animal tracks and other signs of their presence.

These sessions offer the opportunity for individuals to learn about nature and how primitive man survived under harsh conditions. A look at how he used natural elements to make tools to shape his environment will be discussed and illustrated.

Modern-day survival tactics will also be discussed: how to dress for the outdoors, what tools are most useful, packing light for backpacking, fire-starting under wet conditions.

Attendees will leave these sessions with a better awareness of nature and how to cope with wilderness situations.

For complete information and dates, check out or call (864) 238-1944 to receive a brochure with complete details.

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