Saturday, July 14, 2012

Youth Prevails in Hog Hunt

Savannah Cade with first hog
Another hog taken by Chris Cade with 1863 Sharps Rifle
Hogs at feeder
Hog taken with 1863 Sharps rifle
Chris Cade recently enjoyed a hunt on Alexacarri Plantation in Abbeville, Georgia, with his daughter and friends on a family-oriented hunt for hogs. Owner Tim Beach had invited them to bring their kids for a fun hunt for hogs.

Savannah took her first hog with one shot at forty yards with a custom AR-15 and some custom handloads by her father. Two other girls also took hogs on the hunt.

Not to be outdone, Chris took three hogs on the hunt. Two were taken with his 1863 Sharps rifle and one with his Thompson Center .44 mag.

Abbeville, Georgia, has a tremendous hog population and was a featured location on the TV feature titled "Pig Bomb" that aired a few years back.

It is good to see kids getting involved in outdoor sports and Chris said, "We had a blast."

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