Friday, December 14, 2012

Remembering the Greats:
Profiles of Turkey Hunting's Old Masters

Author Jim Casada

Outdoor author Jim Casada has released his latest book that provides a close look at the lives and accomplishments of 27 of the legends of turkey hunting. In order to avoid slighting any living experts, he has concentrated on the deceased icons of this great sport. In the introduction, he said, "Only the greats who are deceased have been profiled."

Later in the introduction, he said that when he realized that he would be besieged by living turkey hunting personalities to be included in the profiles, he solved the problem by saying, "You have to die to qualify". That provided an instant solution to the problem.

Casada has done a masterful job of bringing together profiles of these men that tells about their personal connection to the sport, their expertise in calling, call-making and some of their idiosyncrasies. He pulls no punches and "tells it like it was". It is a reflection of his vocation as a retired professor of history that he records the details "warts and all".

Casada had the pleasure of personally knowing 12 of the men profiled and hunted with many of them. His mentor, Parker Whedon, is included in the profiles. I remember well the story that Casada told of an early hunt with Whedon. Upon concluding a hunt by killing a turkey that Whedon called to the gun, Casada picked up the bird to depart. Whedon stopped him and said, "Jim, if you like turkey hunting as much as I think you will, there will come a time when you can't remember every turkey you ever killed. Let's go back and pick up your spent shotshell. When you get home, write up a little story about the hunt and put that information, along with the beard inside the shell. That way you can always go back and relive a hunt." As of 2012, I believe that Casada has saved 283 shells with the details of the hunt and a beard tucked inside.

Casada's personal love of turkey hunting is evident in the words of this book and it is a book to be treasured by any turkey hunter.

In addition to the profile of Parker Whedon, other "greats" such as Tom Turpin, Henry Edwards Davis, Neil Cost, Dave Harbour, Earl Mickel, M. L. Lynch, Ben Rodgers Lee and Dick Kirby are a few of the men profiled.

The book is Remembering the Greats: Profiles of Turkey Hunting's Old Masters. It contains 317 pages of detailed information that you will find entertaining, instructional and historically correct. It is available for $39.95 + $5 shipping and handling. Signed and inscribed copies are available through using Paypal or by personal check or money order by contacting the author directly at 1250 Yorkdale Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730. A sample chapter is available on the website.

For a great addition to your library, or for a gift for the hunting friend, you couldn't make a better choice.

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