Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Primitive Craft/Survival Skills Seminar

Primitive Craft/Survival Skills Seminar


 Join author, outdoorsman and naturalist L. Woodrow Ross for an unforgettable day of hands-on exposure to primitive survival skills and crafts that will prepare you to be a better woodsman. Learn how to flint knap, make primitive arrows, utilize deer sinew to haft projectile points, and start a fire with flint and steel and with a bow drill.

You will depart better prepared to adapt to the natural environment and utilize primitive skills to enjoy the wilderness rather than feel threatened by it. Learn to make cordage from natural fibers and sinew. Try your hand at using an atlatl and learn to make one easily for your own use. Use a rabbit stick and see how the primitive cultures took small game. Experience using a Cherokee blow gun for the first time.  In addition, other useful topics will be covered.

We are offering one day seminars at this time for an introductory price of $85.00. The session will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. A lunch of burger or hot dog, fries and drink, this will be available for $7.00. We will need to know in advance how many would like to purchase lunch so that preparations can be made. Snacks and drinks will be available, but you are welcome to bring your own. The class size is limited to 15 so that each person may experience a quality, hands-on experience.

Seminar date: March 23, 2013 (8:30 - 5:00 with 1 hour lunch break)

Seminar location: Saluda River Archery Club, 521 McNeely Road, Piedmont, SC 29673

Contact L. Woodrow Ross (864) 238-1944 or Russell Cooper (864) 230-8744 for registration information.

Seminars will be held rain or shine. Adequate shelter is available and a fire pit is adjacent to shelter. Fee must be pre-paid with registration. Cancellations must be one week prior to the seminar date for full refund. After this date, 75% will be refunded.

L. Woodrow Ross is a freelance writer/photographer and writes a weekly outdoor column for the Anderson Independent Mail newspaper and lifestyle features. In addition, he is a frequent contributor to the South Carolina Sportsman magazine.  He has been published in the Primitive Archer magazine and the South Carolina Wildlife magazine. Ross has several books related to outdoor skills on Amazon's Kindle. He is member of the South Carolina Outdoor Press Association and the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association. He is the author of two books and maintains a website and blog. He lives in Travelers Rest, SC, with his lovely wife Margaret.
Ross recently had four books released on Amazon Kindle. The topics include fly fishing, travel, photography, primitive skills, survival skills, hunting and many more outdoor topics.

www.lwoodrowross.com   www.FoothillsOutdoors.com      lross3871@charter.net  (864) 238-1944

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