Monday, March 11, 2013

Winter Camping


Winter camping is always fun, but a combination camping trip and scouting for turkeys is even better. It was the last week before spring and with a few sunny days for a change, it was a chance to get to the woods and enjoy a few days.
Prior to this trip, I was reading J. Wayne Fears books about building cabins and outdoor cooking and he mentioned using a reflector oven. Not having any first-hand experience with them, I went online and did some research. I had some aluminum flashing and put together a crude oven with pop rivits, threaded rods and some stove bolts. I made a trial run in the back yard at home prior to the trip. I cooked a pan of biscuits and the results were amazing.
During our camping trip, we cooked biscuits and blueberry muffins and they were great. I would recommend anyone that is interested in outdoor cooking look into a reflector oven. Finished ovens are available from several suppliers, but half the fun is building your own. Flashing is a little flimsy and had to be re-inforced, but works okay.
I plan to build another with more rigid  aluminum sheeting and hinge the pieces so that is may be folded and packed for easier transport.
About the turkeys, we staked out a few likely locations and we'll see how that works out in April. I'm sure the reflector oven will accompany us on any combination camping/turkey hunting ventures.

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