Thursday, August 29, 2013

New book by L.Woodrow Ross and outdoor seminar details

Cover of new Kindle book by L. Woodrow Ross

We have been off-line for a period of time due to a very tight schedule. Several activities are on the horizon. We have the South Carolina Outdoor Press Association fall meeting coming up in early November, but prior to that will be in Montana for 10 days for some fall fly fishing and photography of landscape and animals.
Bow season opens in mid-September and that will be high on the agenda. The high water will present some problems on the river bottoms where it hunt with my longbow.
In the meantime, on Oct. 19, I will be presenting a Primitive and Survival Skills seminar in Travelers Rest. It will cover topics such as fire starting with bow drill, flint and steel and ferro-cerium rods. In addition we will demonstrate atlatls, Cherokee blow gun, cordage making from natural fibers, flint knapping and more.
General woodcraft and survival tips will be a vital part of the session and everyone will  have an opportunity to brush up on old skills and learn new ones.
For details and registration information, contact me a or call 864-238-1944.
Get outdoors and have more fun!


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