Tuesday, September 7, 2010

National Trout Unlimited awards David Van Lear "Distinguished Service Award"

David Van Lear, long-time member of the Chattooga River Trout Unlimited chapter, received recognition by Trout Unlimited organization. He received the 2010 "Distinguished Service Award" for over 30 years of outstanding service and dedication to restoring and preserving cold water fisheries in North America.

Van Lear will receive the award at during an annual TU meeting on September 17, in New Hampshire.

We met Van Lear at an electro-shock survey of small streams that are part of the "Back the Brookie" project. This is an effort to restore the native Appalachician strain of brook trout to southeastern streams. This is only one of the many projects in which he has been involved to evaluate and improve habitat.

"Hats Off" to Mr. Van Lear and his dedication to make the world a better place for trout fishermen and sportsmen in general.
Photo of Rainbow trout on Soque River, Georgia, by L. Ross

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  1. Absolutely Mr. Van Lear deserves this recognition, thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention.