Saturday, May 5, 2012

May has been a great month

Not only have I had a great time in God's great outdoors, but have managed to snap a few neat photos such as a water snake basking in the sun, a goose on a nest of eggs, my buddy smoking a stogie and enjoying his kayak while we fished and also catching some shellcrackers, bluegills and bass.

The moon will be in perigree this weekend, meaning that it will be very close to earth in its elliptical orbit. The full moon is Sunday, May 7, and I have been seeing bream on the bed. It should be as good as it gets for bream this weekend.

If you are not a kayak angler, you are missing some great fun. Kayaks allow you to fish spots that you could never reach with a larger boat. We fish a spot that requires a short walk from a secluded road, and no access for large boats. We catch bass, bream and shellcrackers and often are the only people fishing the spot.

In addition to the fishing, the photo opportunities from a kayak are great two, as evidenced by the goose and snake photos above. Animals are less disturbed by humans approaching quietly by kayak than by walking near them. For one thing, you present a much lower profile and are perceived as less of a threat.

Many retailers of kayaks have special days each spring and summer at local lakes where you can try out several models and find one that is perfect for you. Get out there and join the rest of us on the water in kayaks.

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