Sunday, June 10, 2012

A day on Clark's Hill Lake

Chris Cade with bow-fishing rig
It was a cool day last Wednesday, June 6, and Chris Cade and I decided to try our luck with archery and atlatl for carp and gar.

As luck would have it, the fish were shut down due to the cool snap and cloudy conditions. Very few were near the surface.

We only had one opportunity and I missed with the atlatl rig that I have hastily put together and Chris stuck one, but it pulled free.

It was great to be on the lake and we had a good time. We went to his farm and checked food plots, shot his rifle and had a lazy day.

I will definitely try the atlatl again. That would be a great way to take a big fish.

Tight lines to all!
Egrets on lake

L. Ross with atlatl fishing rig

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