Thursday, June 14, 2012

Having a "primitive" day

It was a great day to be outside. I experimented with a couple of primitive craft ideas that were new to me. The first was a "figure 4" deadfall trap. This took a little time to get set up, but is very simple. There is a variation that uses a cord and trigger mechanism that I will try soon.

The second project was to make a bark basket. As you can see, I peeled the poplar bark and formed it, but will need to finish it after it dries in the sun and stiffens. I will drill holes and lace the edges together and use a split green shoot to reinforce the top.

These items are not required in today's world, but by doing this, we gain a greater appreciation for how our ancestors lived and the challenges they face to sustain life.

Get outdoors and try something new. You will be surprised at the pride you will have in becoming more self-sufficient.

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