Monday, December 27, 2010

Change of pace for outdoor fun

Abbeville Squirrel with blond tail - Photo by L. Ross

Fleeing squirrel and handgun kill photos by L. Ross

Now that big game season is drawing to a close, it is a good time to concentrate on small game. For a real challenge, try hunting with a high velocity pellet rifle or a handgun for squirrels.

Some of the new pellet guns are super efficient, especially using PBA ammo. This ammo is lighter in weight and doesn't deform as lead does. You may have seen promotions on TV showing hogs up to 180 pounds being taken with head shots by pellet guns.

Scope-sighted pellet rifles are good for 30-40 yard shots and head shots are not difficult. One advantage of hunting with these guns is the quiet report. You can shoot a squirrel and remain quiet and soon they will be moving again.

Another option is to spot and stalk. After a shot, a short move will have you approaching another squirrel that has not been alerted to danger.

Great fun can be had with .22 caliber handguns hunting squirrels. This provides more of a challenge, but is great practice to improve your handgun skills.

Don't mope around the house when deer season ends. Hit the woods with pellet rifle or handgun from some great action. Squirrels are abundant and the small target will be a challenge to your skill.

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  1. I killed a squirrel on Christmas Eve with a 12-gauge, hoping to get on a hot streak. Sadly, I have not bagged anything else since then....