Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oconee hunter take nice 10 point buck

Photo provided by Ken Lundin

Three times was the ticket for success for Ken Lundin in Oconee county on a November 23rd hunt. Lundin has seen the buck two times before and even shot and had a clean miss the second time.
On opening day of gun season, Lundin was hunting in a favorite hollow. The buck appeared below his position and winded him and quickly disappeared. The second sighting was in the same area, but Lundin was hunting farther down the hollow and the deer came out above him and stopped between two trees. He shot and missed cleanly and the buck disappeared again.
On November 23rd, Lundin moved to the position where he had last sighted the deer. He hunting from the ground on this occasion. He heard snorting and grunting and soon a doe appeared with the buck trailing about 20 yards behind her. He stopped broadside at about 50 yards and Lundin dropped him with one shot from his .30-.30 with a 150 grain slug.
It looks like the third time was a charm and he took a trophy that would make any hunter proud.

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