Wednesday, December 15, 2010

YMCA Conference at Camp Greenville

The Greenville YMCA will be holding the annual PEAK (Preparing Educators for Adventures with Kids) at Camp Greenville. It is a great opportunity for educators, camp directors and mentors of youth to participate in sessions dealing with subjects that will broaden their horizons in subjects of interest to that age group.

Last year's keynote speaker was Rudy Mancke, former host of Naturescene on ETV. This year's list of speakers and presenters will cover a range of interests and offer topics that will help to prepare attendees for the challenges of working with young people.

L. Woodrow Ross had primitive craft exhibits at last year's conference, bt will be a presenter this year. He will offer a pre-conference session on Feb. 10. This will be an extended session and will offer hands-on activities for participants in primitive crafts from how-to sessions on making bows, arrows, natural fiber cordage, atlatls, fire-starting, flint knapping and more.

On Feb. 11 and 12, Ross will be leading sessions on "Introduction to Primitive Crafts" and "Writing for Publication".

In addition to the sessions, a new booklet entitled "The Outdoor Life and Primitive Crafts" will be available, along with previously published books and booklets on various outdoor topics.
Photos above by L. Ross show arrow and stone points knapped by Ross, bow drill starting fire, illustration of cordage making and a knife by Ross with stone blade and Osage Orange handle.

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